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Castle is an American comedy-drama television series, which premiered on ABC on March 9, 2009. The series is produced jointly by Beacon Pictures and ABC Studios. Created by Andrew W. Marlowe it primarily traces the lives of Richard Castle, a best-selling mystery novelist and NYPD Detective Kate Beckett as they solve various unusual crimes in New York City. Detective Beckett is initially infuriated at the thought of working with a writer and goes to great lengths to keep him out of her way. However, the two soon start developing feelings for each other. The show focuses on the romantic tension between the two lead characters, and also on the unsolved homicide of Beckett's mother.

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Nathan Fillion (@imdb) as Richard Castle, best-selling mystery writer. At he beginning of the series, he was plagued with writer's block after killing off his popular lead character, Derrick Storm, whom he no longer found inspiring. He then found himself involved in the case of a copy-cat killer recreating murder scenes from his novels, investigated by NYPD Detective Kate Beckett. Castle discovers a new source of inspiration in her and soon begins shadowing her investigations, affording him the opportunity to use his knowledge and skills to help solve murders.

Stana Katic (@imdb) as Det. Kate Beckett, a homicide detective with the NYPD. She is a first-class investigator who has gained a reputation for being intrigued by unusual cases. She joined the force after her mother was murdered in an unsolved case. After meeting Beckett, Castle is inspired to begin a new series of novels about a female NYPD detective named Nikki Heat, clearly based on Beckett.

Jon Huertas (@imdb) as Det. Javier Esposito, a former Army Special Forces sniper. Esposito works in the homicide division as part of Beckett's team. He is always ready with a sardonic comment to keep Beckett on her toes and enjoys the way Castle riles her up. He and Kevin Ryan are close friends, even though they constantly argue about obscure facts.

Seamus Dever (@imdb) as Det. Kevin Ryan. Ryan also works as part of Beckett's team. He and Esposito regularly tease Beckett, but they are also protective of her.

Tamala Jones (@imdb) as Dr. Lanie Parish, a medical examiner with an upbeat outlook, is also a friend of Beckett's, one of the few people Beckett can talk to easily and without reservation. Parish notices the personal connection between Beckett and Castle and urges her to act on it.

Ruben Santiago Hudson (@imdb) as Captain Roy Montgomery (Season 1-3), Beckett's boss, appreciates her determination and diligence but maintains a close watch to make sure the investigations go smoothly. He is amused by how much Castle annoys Beckett but also appreciates how effectively the two work together.

Molly Quinn (@imdb) as Alexis Castle, Castle's teenage daughter by his first wife Meredith, is unusually intelligent for her age, and is often more mature and responsible than her father. She is very bright and enjoys school. A running gag in the series has her begging Castle to force her to study and do her homework instead of 'fun' activities like parties and overnight trips. .

Susan Sullivan (@imdb) as Martha Rodgers, an actress on and off Broadway, she is Castle's mother and lives with him and Alexis. She helps her son through the difficulties of raising a teenage girl (even one as mature as Alexis) but also has an active social life of her own.

Penny Johnson Jerald (@imdb) as Captain Victoria Gates (Season 4-7), Captain Montgomery's replacement. Formerly with Internal Affairs, Captain Gates (referred to by some as "Iron Gates") is more interested in career advancement, and takes a dimmer view than her predecessor of the Beckett-Castle dynamic. Strict and unforgiving, she loathes Castle's presence at the precinct and looks at him as an inferior.

Toks Olagundoye (@imdb) as Hayley Vargas/Shipton. Hayley Shipton is a quick-witted, free-spirited, former Scotland Yard police officer who works as a security specialist and is not afraid to cross lines to get things done.

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